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4 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

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4 Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener

Reasons to Replace Your Garage Door Opener | Garage Door Repair Seattle, WA

Garage door openers are generally quite durable due to the simplicity of the systems behind them. From time to time, though, problems can arise. Here are 5 reasons to consider replacing your garage door opener. Remember, newer models often come with additional safety, security and convenience features.

  1. How Secure Is It?

    As older models worked with a fixed-code system, it's easier to 'hack' retro garage door openers. If someone obtains access to the code of your garage, they'll be able to open it from the outside, possibly gaining entrance to your home. More modern versions have "rolling code" or "code scrambling" systems which switch the codes after every use of the door. This prevents outsiders from getting your codes and getting into your home. Sorry burglars, go get a day job!
  2. Consider Battery Backup

    You can imagine returning home from work on a rainy night, exhausted, only to discover that your power is out. You're forced to go out into the rain and lift your garage door manually. Very annoying! More recent openers are fitted with backup power features that automatically switch on when the power goes, enabling you to use your door without a main power supply. Cool, right?
  3. Safety Reversal Requirements

    Since 1993 all garage door openers should feature a safety reversing system as a requirement. This prevents the door from accidentally descending and hurting somebody.
    This safety system uses two sensors installed approximately six inches above the garage floor on each side of the door. If a child, pet, or grandma passes through the light rays transmitted by the sensors during the door’s descent it will stop immediately and lift back up. This same system is used in buildings like hospitals where the glass doors slide open on approach. It is highly advisable to get an opener with a safety reversal system if yours is not currently fitted with one!
  4. Control the Noise

    Some garage door openers are so noisy they'll wake your neighbours. A rattling, squeaky opener can be super annoying and even embarrassing, especially at night time. If this describes your opener, it is probably time you got a new one.
    Newer models are specially designed to operate almost silently. Chain-driven openers are generally noisier than their belt-driven counterparts. If you've got a chain-driven model you might want to switch to a belt-driven type.

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