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Gate Repair
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Your gate serves as a barrier, a wall that separates you from potential intruders and unwanted guests. Reliable and strong, that's your ideal gate. However, no matter how strong or reliable looking your gate is currently, you can never tell what tomorrow, or a year from tomorrow, could bring. It could be the hinges or an electrical problem with the opener. Whatever it is, when the time comes – our company will be at your service.

Treating Worn Gates

Gate RepairCounting from its installation, a gate may stay intact for a couple decades, maybe even more, depending on the quality of its materials, the environment it is in or the severity of the wear and tear damage that it suffers over the years. Even though most gates are made from some of the sturdiest construction materials available, they will eventually succumb to the insidious effects caused by typical use -- unless of course they are maintained well. For example, when you observe rust forming on iron gates, or see rot on wooden gates, you shouldn't ignore or neglect it. Instead, what you should do is call us and we'll provide professional gate repair services such as safety checks, minor repair work and replacement of worn out parts that will help to ensure that your gate keeps working for many more years to come.

Your Gate Refuses to Close?

The overall feeling of safety that's usually provided by a gate can only be achieved if said gate is able to close properly. When gates are damaged either with sudden impact forces, as in the case of car collisions, or through circumstantial means, as with prolonged exposure to a harsh and changing environment, they won't be able to serve as barriers that protect you from unwanted visitors. Hinges may come loose or entire doors may become warped. Our gate repair services cover replacements, adjustments and alignments. In other words – we've got you covered no matter what the problem is!

An Opener That Won't Open

Getting an automatic or a remote-controlled opener is the absolute pinnacle of owning a gate. With this reliable device, you'll be able to drive past your gate conveniently, without having to get out of your car to open and close it. However, when they break down or malfunction, you're going to lose all that convenience.

When your system ceases to function properly, contact our team at Garage Door Repair Seattle and we'll take care of it. We work on gates of all types and models.

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