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About Us

About Us

Our Seattle experts are the best service provider in all of Washington. We can handle every replacement, repair and maintenance work you may require. If your springs have snapped, we can easily replace them. If your panels got damaged, we'll replace them with brand new ones. We also repair every other essential part, such as cables, tracks, rollers and, most importantly, springs.

New Door and Opener Installation

We have a great variety of different models for you to choose from, made from many different materials, such as classic, aesthetically pleasing wood or sturdy industrial steel. Our experts are also happy to help when it comes time to choose the right opener for your door, taking full consideration of all of your needs.

Expert Repair Services

Safely operating your garage door can only be possible when every one of its electronic and mechanical components is working properly. If one part of the mechanism is faulty, the other components will most likely be unable to fully fulfill their function, or will, at the very least, suffer more wear and tear damage. Our garage door repair services can help you avoid this. We provide repair and replacement of any broken or worn-out part.

Panel Replacement

Most overhead doors begin to show some scars after they've been used for more than a couple of years. These defects can range from a few minor dents to full blown gouges, or worse. Instead of letting these unsightly damages stand out, you can have our professional technicians replace the problematic panels for you. We have a wide selection for you to choose from. You can get the exact same panel, one that's simply compatible, or you can shake things up a bit with a different style.

Scheduled Maintenance Services

Unfortunately, some wear and tear is inevitable. Especially when it comes to complex systems like residential garage doors. However, a great majority of issues can be prevented with the right maintenance routine. What our specialists do in such visits is closely examine your system, test out its safety features, and promptly deal with any detected issue, essentially "nipping it in the bud" before it becomes more severe. We also apply lubrication to various moving parts, thus ensuring they continue to function smoothly for as long as possible.

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