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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

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Truly Expert Clicker Repair

You may think that a garage door clicker can never cause any serious trouble, but this is not the case. When mine got broken, I could not open the door properly. I sought the help of this company and the professionals responded immediately. They provided timely and effective repair. In just a few hours the garage opener remote was working as perfectly as before. The specialists tweaked the opener a bit so as to prevent trouble in the future. I can definitely recommend this service for its speed, efficiency and overall quality. Everyone is super friendly as well.

Replaced Fasteners for Smoothly Operating Door

It seemed that my overhead door had the worst possible fasteners. They were flimsy and kept breaking. Eventually, I called the team of garage door repair Seattle for assistance. They replaced the malfunctioning garage door parts with brand new ones. They did all the tightening which was necessary. They aligned the garage door tracks perfectly as well. I almost could not believe it when my door started moving smoothly and quietly again. There were no scraping sounds or clinging. I could finally relax. For me, this is a service of the highest quality. The same applies to their replacement parts too.

Fast replacement of broken springs

We didn't have to guess. When we heard this awful noise coming from the garage, we all knew that it was the garage door springs. It was about their time to be replaced and we kept postponing the date. The excellent news was that the techs of Garage Door Repair Seattle arrived at our home a bit later. They brought garage door torsion spring replacement and completed the service in about forty minutes. The service was marvelous and we love their friendly customer care. Though, next time we will call them earlier to avoid possible accidents.

Our garage door was getting old and some parts needed replacing, so we called these guys. They had our appointment...

Posted by Jacob Licht on Sunday, May 29, 2016


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